(ShreveportNews.com) Just when you thought Shreveport-Bossier City couldn’t be any worse at trying to be like Dallas, it goes and does something like this… AND TOTALLY REDEEMS ITSELF!  In the most Shreveport way possible, allow me to exclaim, “WE’RE GITTIN’ A POOL, Y’ALL!

Most of the time, when Shreveport tries to venture out of its own identity to bring in something hoping it will make a splash on the “fun” scene, it ends up being a big ol’ belly flop.  Need some examples?  Remember that time we made an outdoor mall and some of the main attractions were a Big Dog outlet, a candle store, and an Oshkosh B’Gosh?  Or how about that time we replaced a decades-old, tradition-rich, MLB-affiliated pro baseball team with some unknown semi-pro one just so we wouldn’t have to build another stadium? You get the idea…

Well, forget all of our lovely city’s past transgressions when it comes to trying (and failing) to be fun, because, yes, we’re getting a pool.  But it’s not just any pool – Horseshoe Casino is putting millions of dollars into building what is being called a “daylife pool”.  They’re calling it Dare Dayclub.  And while this has been a common trend over the years in cities like Dallas and Las Vegas, it truly is unique to the area.  20-something ladies, it will, like, totes be the place your besties go to for Sunday Funday and socializing this summer (And by “socializing”, I mean day-drinking with said besties).

Here are the details we have on Dare, according to their Facebook page:

  • It’s set to open around the end of May 2014.
  • Private cabanas and day beds are available.
  • Expect drink specials and VIP-reservation availability.
  • If it looks anything like the artist renderings, you won’t feel like you’re in Shreveport. Check it out:

To see more and/or get more information, head over to their Facebook page.  So what do you think?