Author: Kenneth O'Brock

BREAKING: Small Plane Crashes in Natchitoches

One man is dead after a plane crash earlier today in Natchitoches. According to CBS affiliate KALB, the Natchitoches Police Dept. has reported that there were two people on board and one of them has died. The other, who was the pilot, has been transported to a Shreveport hospital.  The crash happened north of the HW 1 bypass. The plane, a Cassna 172, went down around 11 AM Sunday.  It appears no one on the ground was injured....

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Study: If You Live in Louisiana, You Probably Did not Move Here

You know how everybody knows everybody in Shreveport, and we can all recite almost everybody’s life stories?   Well, there’s a reason for that, according to a recent study (and it has nothing to do with how nosy we are.  Admit it…). The New York Times study, which examines domestic migration rates in all 50 states over the 100 years, shows that Louisiana is one of the least diverse states regarding the subject.  Only 1 out of every 5 Louisiana residents was born outside of Louisiana.  This means that most of the people around you were born here and will...

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The 10 Most Exciting LSU Football Plays of the 21st Century

If the LSU football season were any closer, the refs would bring out the chain to measure.  But regardless of how close we are to Saturdays of watching Tiger football again, the reality is that this Saturday we aren’t, and the anticipation can be agonizing. We couldn’t take another Saturday without LSU football, so we scoured Youtube to find their best plays of the 21st century, which have been arguably the best 14 seasons to be an LSU fan.  Here are our picks for the 10 best LSU plays:     10. Morris Claiborne’s 99-yard kick return. Shreveport’s own...

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Dallas Cowboys Fan Makes Bold, Permanent Prediction

The word “audacity” and the Dallas Cowboys seem to have always been inseparable.  While they may have had a shortage on playoff wins over the last two decades, over-confidence has been the wind beneath the team’s and fans’ wings . But one Cowboys diehard has taken his fan loyalty well past the “no-fly-zone” of confidence and deep into the territory of “You’re Going to Regret this Decision”. Known to us only by his Twitter handle @BMSDerek, a Billy Madison Show radio DJ has tattooed to his arm tribute to the upcoming 2015 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Championship.  We’re going...

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The Blackstone Group Invests $1.2 Billion into Haynesville Shale Assets

Shreveport, LA – Private equity firm The Blackstone Group announced via press release that it would be purchasing a 50-percent stake in about 107,000 acres of the Haynesville Shale that is currently owned by Royal Dutch Shale. Blackstone has a history of investing in natural gas. In the last two years it has invested heavily in offshore energy assets in the Gulf of Mexico.  In 2012, it invested $2 Billion in Cheniere Energy Partners, a company developing a method to transport liquified natural gas to overseas destinations. Lately, with an increase in production,  many private equity firms have been...

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