People are always looking for ways to save time, because as everyone knows, you can’t create more time.

For anyone who has a car, which is almost everyone over the age of 18, going to get your oil change sucks. Most lube centers pitch the “5,10,15 minute oil change” but that’s not true at all. First, it’s rare that it only takes the amount of time they say it will, and second, they don’t factor in the drive time to and from the location. A typical quick lube “experience” can easily take an hour out of your day.

Shreveport native, Dalton Dean has created a better way to take care of general maintenance needs of your vehicle. Similar to Uber and Grocery delivery companies, CurbTek is saving its customers time by offering on-demand “come to you” oil changes and other related services to its customers.

For about the same price you’d pay to bring your car to the quick lube joint or the dealership, CurbTek will dispatch a service specialist to wherever your car is and get your oil changed. The pricing with CurbTek is about the same as if you’d bring it to the dealership or quick lube location, so for consumers, using CurbTek is a no-brainer. On top of that, there is no “bait and switch”. CurbTek offers flat rate pricing so that you always know what you’re paying for. They don’t upsell on extra quarts of oil or anything else.

Dalton Dean’s business, Curbtek, services both fleet and private customers. With prices rivaling the other options, CurbTek customers have their vehicle serviced and are provided with a detailed inspection report for about the same as they would pay at a “traditional” oil change garage. Combining this along with the “value” of an individual’s time, CurbTek is the no-brainer choice to save both time and money.

“Time is precious, and our service gives our customers back more of their time,” says Dean. Although he didn’t create the concept, Dean is the first person to bring it to Northwest Louisiana. A lifelong entrepreneur, Dean thinks his concept is the next in a long line of services that are built to remove the hassles of everyday life.

It isn’t just the convenience and the cost savings, CurbTek is using technology to make the oil change and vehicle maintenance service process as efficient and user-friendly as possible. By utilizing curbside tablets, the CurbTek technician performs a vehicle inspection, then emails the inspection result to the customer. Although CurbTek only provides general maintenance services, they want their customers to be fully informed about what exactly is -and isn’t- wrong with their vehicle.

“It gives our customers the power to walk into a repair garage and know exactly what they need done, that way they can’t get sold on unnecessary repairs,” says Dean.

Right now, CurbTek is focusing on business accounts that have more than one oil change at a time but is also servicing individual consumers.

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