By 4:30 pm Friday (July 20), all the Shreveport city council wannabes will be known.

In the meantime, some are definitely in, others are definitely out, and some on the fence.

Currently, four council members can seek re-election.

Three council members are finishing a second term and can not run again this year.

Willie Bradford currently represents District A for north and northwest Shreveport. He will seek re-election.

Lloyd Anderson has announced he will run for the District A seat.

Shreveport attorney Jeremy Babers may also enter this race.

Bradford, Anderson, and Babers are black male Democrats.

Jeff Everson is the District B councilman. Everson is termed out and cannot seek re-election to represent the district for a portion of northeast Shreveport that includes downtown.

The names currently in the District B mix are Wendy Vance, Laura McLemore, Levette Fuller and Craig Lee.

Vance is a Republican. Fuller is a black female Democrat and Lee a black male Democrat. McLemore is a white Democrat.

Councilman Oliver Jenkins currently represents District C in east-central Shreveport that includes the Broadmoor neighborhood. He is finishing his second term.

The two candidates who will qualify are both white male Republicans— Patrick Kirton and John Nichelson.

Rob Broussard, the president of the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association, has been mentioned although he probably will not run.

Mike Corbin is the District D in southeast Shreveport council member. Like Everson and Jenkins, he is termed out.

Keith Hanson, Versa Clark, Joey Hester, Dana Cawthon and Grayson Boucher have all said they will qualify.

All of these candidates are white, with the exception of Clark.

Hanson and Clark are Democrats.

The others are Republican.

Cawthon is the only female in the group.

James Flurry currently represents District E in south-central Shreveport. Flurry is seeking re-election. He is a white Republican.

Quinton Aught is also said to be running. Aught is a black Democrat.

Stephanie Lynch is the District F in far south Shreveport council representative. Lynch is seeking a second term. She is a black female Democrat.

Reverend James Green will probably run again for this seat. Green and Lynch squared off in 2014. Green is a black male Democrat.

Jerry Bowman Jr. represents District G in west and southwest Shreveport. He is a black male Democrat. Currently, no opponents have surfaced in his race.

A crowd can be expected in the Caddo Clerk’s office Friday afternoon as the filing deadline approaches. And no doubt there will be some last minute decisions by those seeking fame and fortune as a political candidate.