(ShreveportNews.com) According to anonymous sources communicating to the New York Post, Donald Sterling should have died years ago.

It appears that Sterling, 80, has been quietly battling prostate cancer for some time now. In recent photos, his face is noticeably puffy, presumably due to his body’s natural reaction to the medication he’s taking to fight the cancer.

If these rumors are true, it would add an ironic twist to the life of Mr. Sterling.  In 2004, he refused to pay for then-assistant coach Kim Hughes’ prostate cancer surgery, stating that if he made an exception for Hughes, he’d be forced to make it for everyone. Eventually, Hughes did receive the life-saving surgery after four Clippers players volunteered to cover the costs.  And the cost of that surgery for which billionaire Donald Sterling refuse to pay? $70,000.

Insiders also hinted that Sterling is in talks with Barbara Walters for a “20/20” interview.