Shreveport, La – May 3, 2014 – Jeremy Haas, founder of A.R.C.S. Self Defense

will be holding a free women’s self defense training seminar from 2:00 – 4:00PM

CST at 411 Lake Street (downtown area). This free Self Defense & Personal

Security Seminar will address the most common safety concerns facing women

today and is available to all women ages 16 and up.

Throughout this seminar special attention will be paid to the importance of

situational awareness, de-escalation techniques, and simple easy to learn

techniques designed to help a victim escape the grasp of an attacker and get to a

safe location.

Participants may call 318-200-0890 to confirm their spot in this seminar or they

may visit

to instantly confirm a spot online.

About the Instructor and the Program

Jeremy Haas, the founder, and chief instructor for A.R.C.S. Self Defense has

advanced level black belts in multiple martial arts disciplines with over 30 years

experience training and teaching others how to defend themselves. In addition

to his extensive martial arts background, Jeremy is a decorated U.S. military

combat veteran and a full-time law enforcement officer specializing in training

other officers in Defensive Tactics and Officer Survival Skills.

A.R.C.S. stands for Automatic Reflex Combatives Systems. Jeremy has spent

almost two decades studying the human body’s natural reflexes and instinctual

responses when faced with a dangerous or violent attack. He then took this

findings, and in conjunction with his martial arts training, created a reality-based

self defense program like no other when it comes to being able to be learned and

applied by complete novices in an extremely short period of time.



Jeremy Haas – Founder of A.R.C.S. Self Defense

411 Lake St.

Shreveport, La 71101


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