Source: KTBS Facebook page

Anthony Scott Tubbs was arrested Sunday on burglary charges.  If the name sounds familiar it’s maybe because he made news last year for being arrested for aggravated incest.  And if that’s not where you remember him, then it was probably his failed 2012 Presidential campaign that made him a local talking point.

While it’s not unheard of or too far outside the mind’s scope to think that a person arrested for incest might also, at some point, be arrested again, it seems somewhat inconceivable that a person with such a history of run-ins with the law would also have run for President.  Ah, America.

According to the KTBS News story, Tubbs was arrested as he was loading a dishwasher and dryer at a business at the 9200 block of Slack Rd. It’s alleged he took some personal items and credit cards from the property as well.