Shreveport is a very unique place. And regardless of what you’ve heard or read lately, we’ve got a lot to be proud of.  Here are a few of our favorites:


1. We know and love great food…

Oysters at The Oyster Bar and Grille.


2. And we’ve perfected the art of turning great food into a big party…

Coming up May 22-25, 2014!



3. And even our “bad” food is still really, really great. 

Funnel cake, duh.


4.  Our big fish stories are ALL true…

Courtesy: Cross Lake Facebook Page


5.  And we’re making more and more spots to try and catch a keeper… 

Courtesy: DARE Day-life Pool Facebook Page


6. And there’s definitely something special in our water…

Courtesy: Wall Center for Plastic Surgery’s Facebook Page


7. But when water just won’t do, we’ve got the answer for that, too.

One of a kind.


8.  And we’re continuing to expand our options…

Great Raft Brewery. 1251 Dalzell, Shreveport.


9.  Speaking of options, where else can you buy a hammer, a grill, and 3 king cakes?


10.  And where else does a rush “hour” last only about 15 minutes? 

Shreveport’s typical traffic jam on I-20


11.  Where else do so many people know it’s about doing more for others? 

(Courtesy: The Times) Myles Roberts with The HUB Urban Ministries. To volunteer, email to


12.  And finally, where else can you end your days with this?

This is what a sunset looks like in the “8th most miserable city” in the US.