When people think of crawfish, they automatically think of Louisiana.  But when people think of Louisiana, they probably don’t think of Shreveport.  Many folks – even a hefty portion of those living within our state – think Louisiana, its culture, and especially its tasty cuisine don’t go any farther north on I-49 than Ville Platte.  Thus, we “Northerners” tend to get a bad rap when it comes to crawfish.

Granted, there are a handful of faux-Cajun establishments that support these naysayers’ opinions, but those who write off every crawfish joint in the area are missing out on some outstanding local crawfish joints.  The people have spoken, and these are the top three places – all with their own unique touches – in the Shreveport area that’ll make you feel like you just ordered crawfish in Chalmette instead of Caddo Parish.

Shaver’s Crawfish – 270 Ockley


You’re planning a cookout for a bunch of people. And let’s say these people range from first-time crawfish eaters to regular mudbug gobblers.  If you want to make everyone happy, head to Shaver’s.  Their crawfish is consistently delicious, never too salty or spicy, and always priced at or below the going rate for crawfish.  Plus, Robert and his crew are the friendliest, most laid-back staff in town.  I usually leave with much more than just a few dozen pounds of crawfish.  One thing to keep in mind: Shaver’s is pick-up or catering only. 318-869-0600


Crawfish Tyme – 925 E. 70th

Crawfish Tyme is just as good as anything in South Louisiana.  This assessment comes from a few Cajuns who moved up to the area around the time of Katrina and ended up staying.  For the best of the best, order the “select” crawfish.  You’ll pay a little more, but it’s well worth it.  318-869-0500






The Market – 10539 Norris Ferry Rd.


So let’s say you and your significant other want to feel all fancy and whatnot while eating crawfish – The Market is where you’ll need to go. This may come to a shock to many Shreveporters, since most people we talked to didn’t even know they had crawfish. Well, they definitely do, and they are out of this world! Located just north of Southern Trace, you won’t feel like you’re eating crawfish with the commoners.  Just try not to ask for Grey Poupon for your crawfish.  318-797-4375