Shreveport Doctor Lindsey Pennington is hoping to change the way patients view going to the doctor’s office. A native of New Mexico, Dr. Pennington received her undergrad at Tulane University and her MD at the University of New Mexico. She and her husband then headed to Shreveport for a medical residency in Otolaryngology and a fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Soon, she is opening up her own practice right here in Shreveport. Doctor Pennington wants to totally change the way her patients view going to the doctor.

“A lot of our patients are busy, working moms and women, so we want to create an environment where they feel comfortable and pampered instead of rushed,” Dr. Pennington said.

The new “boutique” surgical clinic is modeled after a spa instead of a traditional surgical clinic.

“The idea is that our practice will be patient-centered,” she said.

Besides her new concept to make surgical procedures easier for patients, Dr. Pennington also brings a unique perspective to her practice. “I am able to bring a woman’s viewpoint to my procedures, and that’s unique because only 4% of plastic surgeons are female.”

Dr. Pennington offers a variety of different services, both surgical and nonsurgical. “Because of my training, I’m able to offer both plastic surgery services as well as services you’d normally have to see a non-surgical physician for,” Dr. Pennington said.

Surgical services include cosmetic and corrective nose jobs, cheek and chin augmentation, lip augmentation, facelifts, and skin cancer removals. Her nonsurgical services include Botox injections, chemical peels, and facial fillers.

“Because of my training as an otolaryngologist and in head and neck surgery, I understand the way facial muscles come together and it makes me better able to do injections.”

Dr. Pennington will be opening her new practice soon in South Highlands. She and her husband love Shreveport, “it’s a great place to live and to raise children, and I wanted to open my practice here so I could reinvest in the community.”

Dr. Pennington had a grand opening for her clinic today Thursday, November 9th. You can learn more about Dr. Pennington and her practice, as well as read some of her publications by visiting her website or on her Facebook page and Instagram account.