Shreveport, this is a unique business that was made for you and by you:

Shreveport native Lauren Ross is co-owner and founder of Sweet Tee Shreveport, an online clothing boutique that boasts “home-brewed trends” that are “100% Shreveport”.  Ross takes nostalgic elements of our area and creates beautifully-designed, comfortable shirts that speak to just about anyone whose phone number begins with “318”.


Lauren Ross and Kathy Ross, owners and co-founders of Sweet Tee.

Sweet Tee has offered Shreveport-themed shirts for only about two months now, but the idea has been with Lauren for quite a while.  “This has been about three years in the making.  We designed the first shirts about a year ago and started selling them earlier this year,” Lauren says.  Part of that idea, also, is to keep all business elements of Sweet Tee local, from design to printing.

It’s a labor of love that leaves no denying that the Sweet Tee folks love Shreveport just as much as their customers.  Ross, who grew up in Shreveport, says the local themes have caught the eyes of not just current locals, but those from Shreveport who now live in various parts of the country.   “Kids who go off to college or people who leave the area – this is still “home” to them,” Ross says.

For now, purchasing the shirts can be done by emailing the Sweet Tee team at sweetteesport@gmail.com.

Check out the shirts, which now feature Shreveport’s iconic Thrill Hill among other landmarks, on Sweet Tee’s growing Facebook Page.