The Whataburger on Bert Kouns was recently  the scene of a nearly violent altercation between a customer and employees.

The incident occurred when, according to the Facebook page of a Chris Wactor who witnessed the ordeal, a customer was handed the wrong order by the Whataburger employees.  The customer opened the burger with his hands and then handed it back to the cashier when he saw it wasn’t what he order.  An employee gave him the right order, while another placed the burger he had touched in a bag and handed it to the other customer who had ordered it. This customer explained that he had seen what they had done (placing the previously-touched burger in a new bag) and asked for his money back.  The manager then confronted the two employees who had done the switch.  This not being enough, the second customer began to make verbal threats to those two employees.

And that’s when the camera started rolling.  Here is the video from Chris Wactor’s Facebook page. See Below:


What would you have done in this situation?
UPDATE:  Whatabuger has responded via Twitter stating, “We are embarrassed by the way these employees handled this situation and those involved no longer work for Whataburger.”