Tired of seeing ice bucket challenges flooding your social media?  The end is near, my friend.

This week, American patriot and freedom aficionado Lee Greenwood unknowingly released the Kraken on ice buckets everywhere when he challenged the one and only Chuck Norris to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. During his challenge, Greenwood also called out the names of singer Tony Orlando, ALL Oak Ridge Boys, and other celebrities who will probably do the familiar oh-it’s-so-cold-haha Ice Bucket Challenges, upon which the ice buckets and water are free to live normal lives.  However, a Chuck Norris Ice Bucket Challenge certainly means the beginning of the end for colder-than-room-temperature water, and anything closely resembling a bucket.

Lee Greenwood, your days are numbered, too. One doesn’t simply challenge Chuck Norris and get away with it.  But after hearing this song you wrote and performed for our nemesis CANADA, it’s evident you’ve had this coming, you Benedict Arnold, you.

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