Author: Hank Miller

Caddo Commisioner Lynn Cawthorne Indicted For Fraud

Caddo Parish District 6 commissioner Lynn Cawthorne has been indicted after Federal investigators discovered he had been stealing money from a child nutrition program for his own personal use. Cawthrone was president of the United Citizens and Neighborhood, a charity agency that helped feed children who couldn’t afford meals during the summer months when the children were not in school. According to a report from KTBS, Cawthrone exaggerated the number of meals he was providing through United Citizens and Neighborhood and pocketed the extra cash. This was accomplished by using a “shell company” that Cawthrone started. KTBS reported that...

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LSUHSC Students Organize School’s First Mental Health Awareness Week

Primum non nocere, “First, do no harm,” acts as the moral compass that aids the transition from student doctor to practicing physician. Despite improvements in medical education such as maximum working-hour caps or access to on-site psychiatrists, medical students are overwhelmed by the curriculum and have difficulty asking for help. In 2016, a meta-analysis demonstrated a 27.2% depression prevalence among medical students, which is approximately three times higher than comparative age groups in the general population. However, only 15.7% of medical students seek help for mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts. Despite surveys stating that...

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Shreveport Police Officers Association Threatens to Sue The Department

An attorney representing the Shreveport Police Officer’s Association (SPOA) has sent a letter to several high ranking members of the city government, including Mayor Ollie Tyler and SPD Chief Crump, alleging that the department has broken Louisiana law. SPOA is alleging that the Shreveport Police Department is trying to prevent new police officers from joining the SPOA. In the six-page letter written by Pamela Breedlove, an attorney with the Breedlove law firm in Bossier City, were several accusations that officers from SPD, especially those officers at the police training academy, intentionally mislead recruits in hopes of scaring them away...

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