If you’ve been around the Shreveport Bar scene anytime in the past two decades, you’ve probably come across an amazing guy known colloquially as “Disco Dale.”

Decked out in a loud shirt and fedora, he was a hard sight to miss. Having him show up at the bar you were at was considered by many locals to be an honor.

Dale brought joy to everyone he met, and by most accounts, he was just a fun loving guy who liked to dance in public. Many remember his fun-loving personality as well as his dance moves.

From the Phoenix downtown to every other spot in Shreveport / Bossier there was music playing Disco Dale was dancing.

Dale was a Shreveportian who loved his city and loved the people in it, and it will surely be missed. This was first reported by Jay Whatley, that Disco Dale has passed away.

Like much of Dale’s life, the details of his passing are still a mystery at this time. His friends hope that his spirit will live on and people will remember the good times they had with this Shreveport nightlife icon.

If you have more information about who Disco Dale was or any memories or pictures, please share them in the comments and we will update the page.

We will leave you with a few pictures of Disco Dale