On the latest episode of Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator’s Straight Shootin’ YouTube series, the sheriff takes on the issue of sex offenders.

“there are 648 registered sex offenders in Caddo Parish, and that’s a lot of people to keep up with.”

The Sheriff explained the three tiers that sex offenders are classified under. The first tier is for “minor” sex offenders, and they are required to register for 15 years. The second tier must register for 25 years. The third tier, Prator explains, is for the most severe and they must register for life.

Next, the Sheriff explained why some sex offenders are allowed to live near a school. “A lot of times people call up and say there’s a sex offender living near a school,” the Sheriff explained. “Well, if the victim is less than 13, they can’t live by a school, but if the victim is over 13 they can live anywhere they want to.”

Prator also explained why you no longer see the yard signs indicating that the resident is a sex offender. “The mail-out pretty much replaced that.”

According to the Sheriff, as soon as a sex offender is released from custody, they must pay for a mail out of letters that go out to a 3/10th of a mile radius around their home.

The cards that come in the mail let residents know if they are living near a sex offender, and who that person is,

The Sheriff recommends that people curious about where sex offenders live can log on to the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office website or use the Sheriff’s Office app.

You can watch the full video here: