In his newest edition of Straight Shootin’, Sheriff Prator explained how the Caddo Correctional Center’s finances work. The Sheriff explains how the CCC operates at a deficit, and that the goal of the prison is not to make a profit.

“We go in the hole by several millions of dollars every year because of the prisoners we keep,” Prator said.

This comes just one week since the Sheriff’s last video, where he expressed his displeasure at the new Justice Reinvestment Act (JRA). The JRA is a new program that will release up to 15,000 inmates that are currently incarcerated in state prisons. So far, the JRA has saved the state approximately $17,249,098.

In addition, the Sheriff also explained how the CCC’s budget is allocated. Most of the CCC’s budget goes into deputy salary. The officers supervise a population of about 900 prisoners awaiting trial. The CCC is given $3.50 a day for these pretrial prisoners.

The CCC also houses between 300-400 state prisoners. Most of these are held on reentry programs or work release programs. “These are the prisoners who pick up litter around the Parish, work at the animal control, redo projects at the state museum, and work for other non profits,” Prator said. For the majority of the state prisoners the CCC receives $24.39 per day for , while for a few of the prisoners, the CCC only receives $15.00.

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