Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator addressed the citizens of Caddo Parish early today another episode of his Straight Shootin’ web series. In the video, Sheriff Prator calls out Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards on the Justice Reinvestment Act (JRA), which will allow the early release of 64 inmates to Caddo Parish.

The series, which is done in-house by CPSO, features the Sheriff covering a variety of topics he feels are important.

This week the Sheriff took on the Justice Reinvestment Act (JRA).

The Act was voted on and signed into law, and it will require the release of several prisoners from state prisons all over the state.

The Act is designed to allow nonviolent and nonsexual offenders to get released early as a way to decrease the state’s prison population.

After the Act takes effect, the total cost savings to the State are estimated to be over 17 million dollars.

Prator says that although the JRA was designed to mandate the release of some nonviolent offenders, some prisoners who are serving time for violent offenses are among those being released.

“64 inmates are being released into Caddo Parish because of this Justice Reinvestment Act” Prator said in the video. “One is a violent felon who has been arrested 32 times, another one has 52 arrests, and has been convicted of murder, he’s supposed to be in prison until 2024, but he’s getting out November 1st, 2017.”

Prator is obviously unhappy with the JRA, and says “you do need to know it’s going to be a more dangerous Caddo Parish because of this.”

The 64 inmates who will be returning to Caddo Parish is just the start. Over the next several years, the state plans to release as many as 15,000 of it’s more than 40,000 inmates.

You can watch the full video of Sheriff Steve Prator here: