Always wanting to be on the forefront of craft beer technology, Great Raft Brewing is proud to offer “Crowlers”, available at their Tap Room.

What’s a Crowler?

The Crowler is a 32-ounce aluminum can that is poured and sealed right in front of you. Great Raft Crowlers offer your favorite beers that are normally not available for purchase outside of the Tap Room, in an on demand to-go package. That means you can bring Great Raft beers like Old Mad Joy or their Louisiana Music and Film Prize exclusive beer, Viva!, wherever you go. Gone are the days of only having cheap, mass produced, generic brews, with the Crowler you can travel with beer that is made locally and packs more flavor. Plus, it’s fun to watch them being made.

The Crowler system has been around for 3 years. A small brewery in Colorado invented it as a way to make their beer more accessible to people in their community. Great Raft has always been focused on bringing quality beer to the citizens of Shreveport. Once the machine was made available commercially, it was a logical next step for them.

The Great Raft Crowlers

Bob Thames, the manager of the tasting Room, explained that they currently have anywhere from 6-10 different beers available for the Crowler. They limit the beer offered in Crowlers to brews you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to find in the grocery store. The Crowler keeps the beer good for about a week and a half, however, it’s recommended that it be consumed within 48hrs.

As Great Raft continues to expand into Arkansas and Texas, it’s nice to see they are also making investments back home in Shreveport. You can now stop in and get your own Crowler. The Tap Room is open Wednesday through Friday from 4-9 pm, and Saturday from 12-9 pm. Great Raft also brings in locally owned food trucks to the Tap Room so you don’t have to go far for some food.

Check out this video of the Crowler in action.