Outrage over a Missouri teen shot dead by police this weekend has escalated to vandalism, looting, and arson, according to the Associated Press.

Although circumstances remain unclear, 18-year old Mike Brown was shot by police in Ferguson, MO.  By some accounts, Brown had his hands up when he was shot; others say he was wrestling a cop in an attempt to grab the officer’s firearm.  What is confirmed by officials is that Brown was unarmed when he was shot multiple times, and the officer who shot him has been placed on administrative leave.

In the video below, a mob can be seen rushing into a Ferguson, MO, gas station and coming out with hands full of ransacked items.  A voice can be heard screaming, “Go get you some of that money…. in that register!”  Other looters can be heard saying, “Anything we want!”

The Twitter account of Ferguson official Patricia Bynes indicated that shots had been fired at police during the mayhem.  She also has tweeted that a beauty shop, check cashing business, and other businesses had been broken into.

Ferguson, MO, is a small suburb of St. Louis with a population of about 21,000.