When it comes to media placement and advertising, Bennett S. Rinaudo of Shreveport is legendary. He ran his own full-service advertising agency for over 15 years, mainly specializing in TV and radio commercials. As an advertiser, Rinaudo’s goal is to promote local businesses.

“I utilize a business’s annual ad budget to buy and create a multimedia marketing campaign,” Rinaudo said.

When he first started his business in 2003, he focused a lot on local media outlets. His approach is multi-faceted, using every available outlet to create the impression that his client’s business was “everywhere”.

“It’s a simple formula: reach, frequency, and message,” he said.

His formula still works, but as time went on, he saw traditional media outlets becoming less and less effective.

“As of the past five years, it became obvious to me that The Yellow Pages were rapidly being replaced by Google, and even the newspaper is being read online today by millennials, over picking up a printed media.”

Rinaudo saw advertising trending steadily towards digital media. That’s when his creativity struck and he knew that digital billboards were the way of the future.

“Digital Billboards would be the premier media option,” he said.

He recently founded his new business DigiVision, with an aim to increase digital billboard marketing in the Shreveport- Bossier City region.

“Imagine, the digital billboard shows the message:
(4) 12 Packs of Coke Zero for $7.00 today only!!!

You turn the wheel of your vehicle immediately and drive into the Walmart parking lot because the urgency of that compelling message grabbed your attention and forced you to respond. A massive Digital TV Screen that doesn’t air programs or plays music, it only delivers compelling messages for its advertisers.”

That immediacy and his ability to constantly update and change the message is what makes digital billboards superior.

Rinaudo and his partner, Steve Keene, launched their first digital billboard in late November of 2017. Their goal is to eventually have 11 digital billboards throughout the area.

“I truly believe without a doubt, I’ve created a way to give my customers a better way to advertise,” Rinaudo said.

Keep an eye out for new digital billboards coming soon, and if you want to advertise with DigiVisiual, you can contact Bennett Rinaudo.