Shreveport, LA – If it seems like this July is hotter than ever, the following information might surprise you.

We studied the recorded temperatures in Shreveport of each July all the way back to 1997 and compared them year-by-year.  In terms of average highs, average lows, and monthly maximum highs of each month, the temperatures in Shreveport have stayed relatively constant over the last 17 years.

The highest temperature recorded for a July in that 17-year span happened in 1998, a sweltering 106º. That year also boasted the highest average lows and highs at 79º and 100º, respectively.

So far for July 2014, we are at 93º for our average high temperature, or just a fraction under the overall average for the 17-year timespan. Midway through the month, our average low temperature is almost 2 degrees lower than the average low since 1997.

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