The word “audacity” and the Dallas Cowboys seem to have always been inseparable.  While they may have had a shortage on playoff wins over the last two decades, over-confidence has been the wind beneath the team’s and fans’ wings .

But one Cowboys diehard has taken his fan loyalty well past the “no-fly-zone” of confidence and deep into the territory of “You’re Going to Regret this Decision”. Known to us only by his Twitter handle @BMSDerek, a Billy Madison Show radio DJ has tattooed to his arm tribute to the upcoming 2015 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Championship.  We’re going to let that sink in for bit….


Of history’s predictors of the future – Nostradamus, the prophet Elijah, Oprah – there is no record of any one of them having enough confidence in their abilities to tattoo their claims to their body.  That takes serious stones, @BMSDerek.

Leave it to a Cowboys fan…