Many locals will recall when, in 2012, local ABC affiliate KTBS made national news after the station fired one of its meteorologists, Rhonda Lee,

Source: Rhonda Lee's Facebook page

Source: Rhonda Lee’s Facebook page

for defending herself on Facebook after several racially-charged comments were posted by users complaining of her natural hair. Yesterday, Lee announced she’ll be joining WeatherNation as an on-air meteorologist.

Via social media, Lee expressed her excitement, stating that the WeatherNation position will allow her to reach millions of homes daily and is her “dream job”.

National attention around Lee began when she fired back at Facebook comments that were left by at least one user, who left comments suggesting the “black lady” (Lee)  “needs a wig or grow some more hair” and also questioned “if she’s a cancer patient.” Lee’s direct response via her Facebook account, according to KTBS, was violation of the station’s social media police.  She and another reporter were fired shortly thereafter.

Despite the experience in the Shreveport-Bossier City area, Lee stated yesterday on her Facebook page that the move from the area to the WeatherNation job in Denver will be tough and that she is “eternally grateful” for those in the area who supported her.

We wish her the best in her new endeavor.