The Shreveport Fire Department has begun to update their aging fleet of ambulances. Earlier this year, they took delivery of two new units. The units are mounted on brand new Dodge 4500 trucks. The box, where the patient care takes place, is refurbished from their older ambulances.

During the refurbishment process, the box was removed from the chassis and stripped down to the bare metal. Technicians then completely rebuilt the box from the ground up, adding major improvements and making it more modern. These new features will improve Shreveport Firefighters better able to provide emergency medical care in the field.

Station 5’s new ambulance at University Health

According to a Shreveport Fire Department spokesman, the new units are also equipped with liquid suspension system, which makes the units ride much more comfortable for both the first responders and the patients.

The new units have been deployed to Shreveport Fire Department’s busiest stations. Station 5 is located on Stoner Ave and serves the Stoner Hill area. Station 4 is on Milam St and serves the Allendale/Lakeside area.

“We do our best to keep our fleet fresh and comfortable to the citizens we serve. EMS is a vital part of the Shreveport Fire Department, as that is the majority of our calls for service,” a spokesman for the department said.

The Shreveport Fire Department serves a population of 200,327 and covers 125 square miles. There are 22 stations spread throughout the city. EMS and Rescue calls account for 67% of the department’s call volume.