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If you see what appears to be a superhero or divinity walking on or hovering over the water of Cross Lake, just know you’re not hallucinating, and that’s not Iron Man.  It’s someone enjoying flyboarding, a new and fun water sport that’s coming to Shreveport.

Flyboarding is a type of water jetpack (yes, we said “jetpack”, so get excited) that attaches to a jet ski via a long water hose and allows propulsion of  the”flyboarder” through the air (see image above).

“It’s legit!” says Matt Moreland of Shreveport, who recently tried out Flyboarding for the first time. “I’ve skied a lot before so I was able to get up my first time. I’m thinking about getting one for myself!”

On July 11, a new business will open on Cross Lake in Shreveport – Ark LaTex Flyboard.  Ark-La-Tex Flyboard will provide training and rentals for everyone wanting to experience this new water activity.  If you can’t wait until then, there will be an exhibition at the sandbar on the Red River at noon on July 4th and at Melvin’s Landing on Cross Lake at 3pm.

So what do you think? Will you be trying out Flyboarding?

To schedule, call 844-TRY-2FLY (844-879-2359).  Get in on the chance to fly.  10% military discount with ID.

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