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Grapheno Launches in Shreveport

Shreveport, Louisiana, USA (July 22, 2016) – LA New Product Development Team (LA NPDT) is a Louisiana-based cross-functional organization that is known for helping inventors and entrepreneurs to develop a broad range of products, technologies, and web solutions. The company aims to identify, develop, and deliver results that benefit the overall economic development of Louisiana. Nowadays LA NPDT is working on a new project that deals with the development of a low-cost alternative to precious metals-based EMI shielding coatings. Their product, Grapheno, is based on graphene, which the team produces via a proprietary technology. Grapheno is a compound of graphene and paint that functions as a conductive coating. Grapheno offers protection to sensitive electronics by absorbing unnecessary and harmful electromagnetic interferences (EMI). Electromagnetic interferences, whether man-made or natural, can cause damage to electronics, resulting in loss of data and interruption of the vital means of communication. The latest electronic products are protected by various methods, one of them being conductive coatings. The products that are currently used are expensive since they are based on precious metals like nickel, copper, and silver. On the other hand, Grapheno LLC provides a low-cost alternative by using graphene mass produced via a proprietary technology. Recently, Grapheno has received a grant from the Innovation Enterprise Fund. Avery Lorenzato and Konstantin Dolgan, the co-founders of the company, said they intend to use the funds and...

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Rambo V To Film In Shreveport Louisiana

Shreveport News – Rambo V (Rambo 5) is set to film in Shreveport, Louisiana according to Millennium Studios Facebook Page. This should turn out to be another epic Movie for Sylvester Stallone. Filming dates are expected to be announced within the next week or two. This will be another great movie made in Shreveport. Post by Millennium...

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Ray LaMontagne Concert in Shreveport October 26th 2014

Musician Ray LaMontagne will be coming to Shreveport Louisiana on October 26th 2014 for a concert at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. Tickets for Ray LaMontagne go on sale today at TicketMaster.  Ticket prices range from $44-$65.  To get tickets to the show, visit TicketMaster. Venue: Shreveport Municipal Auditorium Address: 705 Grand Ave, Shreveport, LA 71101...

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Protesters At Michael Vick Pre-Show in Shreveport LA – Warning Some Explicit Language – Shreveport News

Shreveport News was on scene earlier tonight to capture views from both sides of the protest for NFL QB Michael Vick, who brought  his comedy show to Shreveport. We interviewed both sides of the protest going on in Downtown Shreveport. What do you think of the opinions of either side of Vick controversy?  Who’s right? Warning – this video contains moderately explicit language.  Watch it below:...

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Flyboard Launches In Shreveport

  If you see what appears to be a superhero or divinity walking on or hovering over the water of Cross Lake, just know you’re not hallucinating, and that’s not Iron Man.  It’s someone enjoying flyboarding, a new and fun water sport that’s coming to Shreveport. Flyboarding is a type of water jetpack (yes, we said “jetpack”, so get excited) that attaches to a jet ski via a long water hose and allows propulsion of  the”flyboarder” through the air (see image above). “It’s legit!” says Matt Moreland of Shreveport, who recently tried out Flyboarding for the first time. “I’ve skied a lot before so I was...

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