(Shreveport News)  Shreveport Mayoral candidate, Roy Burrell has been accused of receiving excessive compensation as the managing director of a Shreveport non-profit Inner City Entrepreneur Institute  (I.C.E.).  Today, I.C.E. issued a response to the accusations via Youtube.

To catch you up, this is how things have un-folded so far:

June 12th 2014: Forward Now published an article regarding Roy Burrell’s compensation for the Shreveport non-profit .

June 13th 2014: Gerry May with KTBS published the an article: Burrell pockets big blocks of I.CE. non-profit money regarding the compensation for Roy Burrell.

June 23rd 2014: La Tasha Washington, The Treasurer of I.C.E.  issued a response to the KTBS Story on YouTube:


View Tax Returns from I.C.E.

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