You’d be forgiven if you didn’t expect the latest fashion trend to start right here in our backyard- but that’s exactly what Jordan Paul Mitchell is doing with his company Deauxpazz Creations.

Mitchell first got interested in design while he was obtaining his undergraduate degree from LSUS. “I got a BFA in digital arts, and I got the idea for a clothing line one day when I was shopping for new clothes. I realized that I could make designs just as eye-catching.”

One of Mitchell’s designs, he calls this one Pop Art Pineapple.

Starting the day he graduated college, Mitchell set out to revolutionize fashion with his original designs. He started an e-commerce site through Shopify, and decided on the name Deauxpazz Creations, stating that “Deauxpazz is an acronym for Doing Extraordinary Artistic Unique Xtreme Passions.”

Having studied art in college, Mitchell combines influences from his favorite artists as well as his original work. “I’m inspired by artists like Banksy and Basquiat, as well as Picasso and Dali. A lot of my process is just inspired by my everyday interactions. I’ll usually have at least 10 ideas a day before I narrow it down to a specific theme,” he said.

Some of his designs are meant to be fun and make people smile, and others are satirical of pop-cultural. All of the designs are original and in a style that is uniquely Deauxpazz.

His goal is to bring the spirit of creativity that is embodied by his brand global. Mitchell is currently working with Instagram personalities as well as a few celebrities to help grow the brand. He has a solid following of fans in the SBC, and several of his “Shreveport” items can be spotted around town.

Mitchell’s popular Shreveport design.

You can see his full collection along with his blog on his website as well as following Deauxpazz on their Instagram page.