If you’re looking for a new favorite dessert spot, your search may be over. Paciugo Gelato Caffe located in the Camp Forbing Market Place in South Shreveport makes authentic gelato fresh every day.

What’s gelato? It’s a lot like ice cream, only better. Gelato is made with whole milk instead of cream. This means that gelato has 70% less fat than ice cream, and has a much smoother texture. Gelato also holds together better than ice cream because it isn’t full of fats and sugar. Make no mistake though, gelato is still just as sweet and satisfying.

Bacio chocolate hazelnut gelato with a waffle cone

The owners, Wayne and Robin Hogue, got the idea after visiting New York 15 years ago. They walked through Little Italy and got their first taste of real gelato. “We thought we should open something like this in Shreveport,” Wayne said. After 15 years they finally have.

Wayne is a former business professor at several local colleges and brings that experience with him to the business. Robin is a physician. This is his and his wife’s first restaurant, and so far, they say it’s going pretty well.

“Our Gelato and Sorbet is an artisanal, handmade, premium product,” Wayne said. “It’s also always freshly made. We produce Gelato 7-days-per-week, 365-days-per-year. I made Gelato myself on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and even the snow days when none of our crew could even get out.”

Coconut Creme Pie, one of 26 different flavors made fresh at Paciugo

Paciugo’s is more than just gelato and sorbet. They also offer a variety of shakes, smoothies, and malts, plus a full coffee menu, pastries, and panini sandwiches. “You haven’t lived until you have one of our Chocolate Chocolate Chip Shakes or a Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie or any number of flavors we have every day,” Wayne said.

Looking for something different? How about this frappe?

Ever since Paciugo’s got their menu on apps like Waitr and GrubHub, they’ve seen a surge in people ordering their paninis to go.

It’s also a great place to host an event. The store has an outdoor patio space that’s perfect for parties and get-togethers.

Whether you’re in the mood for a unique dessert, a great cup of coffee, or a panini for lunch, Paciugo has something for everyone.

You can check out their menu at http://paciugoshreveport.com/menu/