When Erica Gilliam moved to Shreveport from New Orleans, she was alarmed that her beloved snoballs were called snow cones. “This formed my dream to bring authentic-style snoballs–served from the window of a streetcar– to my extended family, friends, and my adopted community.” And thus, Streetcar Snoballs was born.

The brand new Streetcar Snoball trailer

Showing up in a food trailer customized to look like a New Orleans streetcar, Streetcar Snoballs will be dishing out authentic New Orleans Snoballs to hundreds of satisfied customers. With flavors like King Cake, Wedding Cake, Praline, and Creole Cream Cheese, there is something at Streetcar Snoballs for everyone. The flavors come directly from one of the largest snoball flavor producers in New Orleans.

Streetcar Snoballs has all your favorite flavors

The secret, says Gilliam, is the ice. The ice of a snoball is fine and fluffy; while a snow cone’s ice is coarse, crunchy, and granular. That means the flavored syrup will be absorbed better in a snoball. Streetcar Snoballs has an authentic Southern Snow brand ice machine to ensure that their ice is ground down to the proper consistency.

Streetcar Snoballs plans to start hitting events around town, and businesses and organizations can book them for private parties and events. Both cash and cards are accepted.

If you’re interested in booking Streetcar Snoballs for an event, you can reach them at their Facebook page or via email StreetcarSnoballs@gmail.com