Just 4 miles from the site of the Ferguson shooting, tragedy has struck again involving police officers killing a shoplifting suspect.  This time, the act was caught on video from a witness’s cell phone.

According to St. Louis Public Radio, witnesses called 911 after 25-year old Kajieme Powell allegedly stole energy drinks and a pack of donuts from a local convenience store.  Officers arriving on the scene issued commands to Powell, to which he did not comply. After aggressively approaching within a few feet from the officers with a hand concealed in his jacket pocket, the officers opened fire, killing Powell.

Powell was armed with a steak knife.

The events can be seen in their entirety in the video below.  We warn our viewers of its graphic nature:

The St. Louis Police Dept. stated its desire to act in complete transparency regarding the event. Therefore, it has released the 911 calls, the video of the shoplifting, and the video above.