Just announced today, Shreveport Transit Management, also known as Sportran, will be revamping its existing routes, as well as adding more services for area riders. Residents will begin to see new bus stop signs starting in September, but some of the signs will be covered up until they become active sometime in November. The Transit Management is swapping their old blue signs for orange and green ones. According to a press release from the mayor’s office, orange will denote a downtown route, while green will be used for all other routes.

In Addition to the new signs, Sportran plans to add more bus stops. Relying on passenger counts, Sportran buses will now stop at every three blocks, as opposed to the national average of four. The new stops will also include a bus tracking system, which will give passengers a better idea of when the next bus is scheduled for arrival. Sportran ask’s that riders who would like to track their buses before the new stops are operation use the Sportran website instead of the text messaging service.

“We are very excited about the upgrades that will be offered [to our] our passengers,” said Dinero Washington, director of Sportran. “These upgrades will improve arrival times and get passengers to their destination faster.”

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