We’re approaching that time of year that tries some parents’ souls – Summer break.  Just the thought of planning how to keep your kids occupied can bring trepidation into the spirits of many of you.  Fear not, good parents.  We’ll help you make it through the hot, Shreveport summer with these activities your kids will love.

Berry picking at Hillcrest Blueberry Farm (after May 30th).

Courtesy: Hillcrest Blueberry Farm Facebook Page

Ask your kids where blueberries come from. If they say, “Kroger”, it’s time to take a trip to Gloster.  Hillcrest Blueberry Farm offers a great getaway for your kids outside the city and onto a real farm.   Your kids will see all that goes into growing berries prior to them showing up in the produce section, and  they’ll get plenty of time outside in the process.  Educational and healthy – a win-win! According to their Facebook page, blackberries will be ready for picking around May 30th with blueberries ripening about a week after.  Come and pick ’em, folks!   634 Ferguson Rd. Gloster, LA.     318-617-7497

Fun at Sci-Port’s Summer Day Camps

Source: Sci-Port’s Facebook Page

Until your child experiences it firsthand, how will you know if he/she is a genius in the area of molecular gastronomy (cooking)? Or nanotechnology (small stuff)? Or Entomology (bugs, ew)? Whatever your little experimenter’s interests are, Sci-Port has these options and more available in their day camps starting June 2. View more information on their website, or call them at 318-424-3466

Water Adventures at Splash Kingdom

Source: Splash Kingdom’s Facebook Page

Let’s say it’s 98 degrees outside, and the TV is blaring it’s 19th episode of “Go Diego Go” for the day.  You’re trying desperately to come up with a plan to turn off the tube without the kids going completely nuts.  Splash Kingdom is your answer. Thrilling water slides, relaxing lagoons, a “Kids Castle”, and more –  Splash Kingdom has everything for kids’ water adventures of any level.  Season passes are available.  Visit their website or call 318-938-5475.

Jump Around at AirU Trampoline Park


Source: AirU’s Website

AirU just opened in Shreveport this year and it’s already a HUGE hit.  Founded by folks who wanted a healthy and safe place for parents to bring their kids (per their website), AirU’s arrival in Shreveport was much needed.  The indoor park features over 10,000 sq. ft. of foam pits, trampolines, and even private party rooms.  This place looks to be just as much fun for parents as it does for kids.  For more details, call them or “JUMP” on over to their website (ZING!).  4124 Ashley Ridge, Shreveport, LA. 318-606-2367

Gators and Friends and Zip Lines and More

BIG Gators! (Source: Gators and Friends Facebook Page)

Do more than just SEE the alligators; HOLD the alligators.  Not your thing? You’ll love the petting zoo (alligator optional) complete with zebras, kangaroos, deer and many more woodland creatures.  Oh, and the zip lines are AMAZING.  But for the alligator lovers in your family, two words – FEEDING FRENZY!  For more information on that – it happens only at certain times of day – call the good folks at Gators & Friends at 318-938-1199.   Located at 11441 Highway 80, Greenwood, LA. 


If you have other places that you’d recommend, please leave them in the comments below, and we may do a follow-up post to this one featuring some of them!