It’s the first day of summer here in Shreveport, and so has begun three months of perpetual sweat rivers pouring off your face and forgetting what it’s like for breezes to not feel like the exhaust of an F-18.

If you’re going to make it through this summer without melting, familiarize yourself with Youree Dr. For some reason, Youree Dr. seems to have more shaved ice/sno-cone/frozen treat shops than Shreveport has Baptist churches.  Here are the top 3 best places on Youree Dr. get frozen refreshments to help you endure with the dog days of summer.


3. Tim’s Southern Snow

Source:  Google images

Source: Google images

The guy at Tim’s Southern Snow – safe to assume his name is Tim –  is Shreveport’s closest thing to Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi. When you come to Tim’s, there are certain rules you must follow. Most notable: the parking rules and that mixing flavors is not allowed. Definitely, Tim is a man of structure and process, and that is evident with each perfect snow cone he constructs.  The experience is great; the snow cone is even better.  Order like a pro: Butterscotch with cream in the middle and on top. 5760 Youree Dr. (A block South of Pierremont)

2. Happy Belly’s

From Source: Happy Belly’s website

Happy Belly’s has a cult following of loyal customers.  Go there and you’ll see why. They have, arguably, the widest selection of flavors in town. Our favorite, however, is definitely the cookie dough.   5710 Youree Dr.


1. Geauxsicles

Geauxsicles is definitely not your ordinary popsicle stand.  It’s set up more like a trendy fro-yo shop than a sno-cone or shaved ice stand, and the ingredients are of a higher quality as well. Geauxsicles uses real fruit in their pops, which is a nice change from the processed flavoring that has become the norm in this realm of food.   Personal favorite: Sister Hazelnut. See more flavors here.  Located at 3970 Youree Dr. (Across from Shaver’s)