It’s that time of year again, when high school students come together one last time in harmony and then (hopefully only) one of them gets partially naked for laughs and attention… and someone catches it on video and puts it on the Internet.  This graduation season, Ronnie Younce of Northwood High School was that almost-naked guy.

Younce, once his name was called to accept his diploma, walked a few steps across the stage and then – with a sly look to the crowd – freed his body from the conformist bondage of the typical graduation gown, revealed to the crowd and all of mankind that he marches to the beat of a different drum and does so in a speedo.

No word yet on what Ivy League college Younce will be attending, but our money is on Brown.

In all seriousness, senior pranks are almost rites of passage and this one appeared fun and innocent. We hope Mr. Younce won’t face any disciplinary action from his stunt, although a recently-started #freeronnie hashtag on Instagram hilariously suggests otherwise (see below).  It’s that type of bravado and willingness to go against the status quo that, if he harnesses it, could help him become an extraordinary success.