Local businessman Michael Turney is facing harsh criticism after his agency apparently wrote a Facebook post commenting the stature of a male model.

The Michael Turney Agency reportedly posted a picture from a photoshoot done by Lola Magazine with the caption “This is why short guys cant model.” After the female model defended the picture and her male coworker, she was fired via Facebook comments by the agency.

Now the agency being accused of racism after commenting that “The opinion of a Hispanic bus not is so important to me.”

The agency double-downed and began attacking the commenters. They made derogatory comments about one woman’s appearance and then turned their sights on Lola Magazine.

“I have been here 28 years, they have been here What? One year? So who do you think is in the wrong?”

Lola Magazine had this to say about the situation: “Lola Magazine is dedicated to highlighting the good in this community. His comments are disappointing and shameful, but Lola Magazine will continue to feature people of all walks of life! Let’s focus on the good and the beauty in everyone.”

When asked for comment, the Michael Turney Agency had this to say: “My comment is that I stand by my post, male models as a standard rule are 5’11 and above.I in no way was belittling the short model, I was belittling the half was magazine who was shooting the phofos [sic]”

Since posting the comments on Facebook, Michael Turney Agency reviews have plummeted on Google: