In his latest episode of Straight Shootin’, Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator talks to viewers about the various programs that exist at the Caddo Correctional Center.

Inmates at Caddo Correctional Center have the option of enrolling in several various types of programs. Some of the programs are aimed at reducing recidivism rates, such as substance abuse education, criminal thinking identification programs, and anger management.

Also available are programs that help inmates gain skills and qualifications that will make it easier for them to gain employment once they are released. These include G.E.D. programs and the work release programs that include vocational education in skills such as welding and carpentry.

Prator stated that both the 350 state prisoners and the 900 pre-conviction inmates are eligible to enroll in these programs and classes.

“We do a tremendous amount to try to keep prisoners, inmates from coming back,” the Sheriff said. “We don’t want to see them again. We want to empower them and see them become better people.”