A local businessman has approached the city to get the proper permits to build a new liquor store in the old Circle-K building on Kings Highway. The abandoned Building sits at 327 King’s Highway. Some residents welcome any new business in the area, while others are determined to resist another liquor store coming into the area.

Lakeshore Liquor, Beer & Wine II are asking the city for a special use permit to allow the liquor store to be opened inside the building.

Bernie Woods is the owner of Lakeshore Liquor, and he says that while he hasn’t spoken to any of the neighbors directly, he would love to meet with them and quell their fears. He claims that he has tried to call a few of the neighbors and that he sent letters to several of them explaining who he was.

“I’ve already done this in one location and we didn’t see any increase in crime and anything like that,” he says.

Bernie is ex-military, and he says he runs a tight ship. He says he runs an upscale shop and doesn’t allow any unsavory behavior in or around his property.

“I’ve never had any incidents at my other store, of any kind. I make sure my patrons buy their package and go home.”

A Facebook petition to stop the liquor store has been circulated and has 64 signatures, but their goal is to get upwards of 1,000. Some of the residents feel that another liquor store will only hurt property values and lead to higher crime.

“This city needs another liquor store like it needs another homicide,” said one resident in a Facebook post.

However others feel that Woods should be free to open up his business.

“I mean let a man open a business, if he wants to buy the lot, a citizen should be free to do what he will on his own land. We’re not Communists,” another man said in rebuttal.

People on both sides of the debate will be able to voice their opinion when the Shreveport/Caddo MPC holds a public hearing on the matter. The hearing is scheduled for November 1st of this year at 3:00 pm.