Do you think people in Shreveport are happier than in Naples, FL? What about Napa, CA? Or Even New Orleans?

According to data from a new study in the Wall Street Journal, Shreveport is the 3rd happiest city in America. Yes, you read correctly – studies show Shreveport is now happy, happy, happy.

Some may be a little confused by this, especially those who remember the Gallup study from only about two months ago which listed Shreveport in the top 10 of most miserable cities in the nation.  In that article, Shreveport’s residents were said to be lazy, unhealthy, and unhappy with their lives.

But now the new study, which used data collected in a Behavioral Risk Factor Survey and adjusted it for age, sex, race, and familial status, shows that not only is Shreveport one of the happiest cities, but Louisiana is the happiest state.

With surveys showing that Shreveport residents are either incredibly happy or incredibly miserable, who do you believe? Shreveport