It appears that working for the City of Shreveport is enough to make one sick, or at least call in sick.

This week has been quite tumultuous for the some Shreveport city departments, and more could follow.  The beginning of the week saw a strike-style “sick-out” by members of the Shreveport Solid Waste Division, where garbage collectors collectively decided to call in sick in protest of low pay and poor, out-dated equipment.  Now, eight workers from the city water department have called in sick in an identical protest for an increase in their wages.  Whether more city workers will follow is undetermined at this point.

While city garbage workers were back at work by the latter part of this week, the cities’ water workers are still out.  According to KSLA News, they will be meeting with city officials today to discuss the matter.

On August 12, at 3:00 PM, the Shreveport City Council will hold a meeting to discuss these and other issues.  The meeting will be held at Government Plaza, located at 505 Travis St. in Shreveport.

Do you work for the City of Shreveport and plan on going to the city council meeting?  Do you have an experience from being a City of Shreveport employee that you’d like to share with us.  We want to hear from you either in the comments below or by email at