Source: KSLA News

Source: KSLA News



Shreveport, LA – Decision-making scenario: You’ve just climbed out of the window of your bail bondsman’s moving vehicle after being arrested for allegedly running over your husband.  Where is the best place to hide?

If you instinctively answered “Port-A-Potty”, your name might be Shanna Thomas and this may have happened to you today around noon near N. Common and N. Market streets in Shreveport. And, regarding that being the best place to hide, today’s events show that you were wrong.

According to KSLA, Thomas, who had a court date in Caddo Parish for her second-degree aggravated assault charge, was being driven  from the courthouse back to Caddo Correctional Center when she leapt from the moving vehicle’s back-seat window and took off on foot.

A Shreveport K-9 unit was dispatched to the scene and quickly found Thomas in a portable toilet near 700 Market St. Police knocked on the Port-A-Potty door and asked, “Are you in here?” to which she replied, “Yes”, without trying the old and obvious “This one is occupied. Try another one!” trick.

Despite getting caught in a Port-A-Potty and now having the humility of everyone knowing about it, Janna Thomas did get a little lucky. Because she wasn’t in police custody at the time of the escape, she will not likely face any charges.

Let this be a lesson, folks – don’t run from the police. But if you do run, choose a hiding place that won’t be so embarrassingly newsworthy when they find you.