SHREVEPORT, April 10, 2018-

Mark your calendars on April 14, 2018, for the Great Raft Brewing Crush the Pin Event going on at their taproom from 11 AM- 2 pm.

You’ll be able to taste some specialty beers that have never been brewed before, along with some tried and true creations. The beers will only be available at their tasting room and only on the day of the event. Once the pins are tapped, they will only be good for that afternoon, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to try some one-of-a-kind beers with experimental flavors and ingredients.

What’s a pin? Its a type of cask that “contains unfiltered beer which has undergone a slow secondary fermentation in the vessel from which it is served, and is naturally carbonated through the use of active yeast inside the cask,” said Bob Thames, Great Raft’s Tasting Room Manager. “Casks come in multiple sizes and a pin contains 5.4 gallons. We like working with these to add fun flavors and ingredients to elevate the experience for our customers and get feedback directly from them on creative new ideas.”

Here’s the full list of beers Great Raft will be serving at the event:

Tickets to the event cost $25 and include early access to the brewery, 10 tickets for 5 oz pours from the pins, a brief cask education overview from Andrew Nations and Kevin Brown, and a limited edition “Crush the Pin” taster glass.

You can get your tickets at