After almost a year of continued controversy over alleged incidents at the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter, director of Caddo Parish Animal Services (CPAS) Chuck Wilson announced today that he would be resigning. His resignation will take effect on November 1. Assistant Director Kelvin Samuel will be serving as the interim director.

Wilson’s resignation does not come as a shock to some, as the shelter has been plagued by a number of accusations of wrongdoing. Most recently, a woman posted a video online of the animal shelter euthanizing her cat by mistake.

Last month another employee was investigated after a complaint alleged that the employee was taking animals from the shelter and selling them on craigslist. Earlier in the year, the shelter was in the midst of a battle with local rescue groups who claimed that some of the shelter staff were mistreating the animals, as well as engaging in inappropriate behavior while at work.

The CPAS building

This all comes after Caddo Parish investigated the possibility of bringing in a private organization to manage the shelter.

Parish Administrator Dr. Woody Wilson spoke highly of Chuck Wilson’s performance, quoted as saying “Chuck has worked tirelessly since his appointment in 2016.” Although the Parish Administrator spoke highly of Wilson, many people within the animal rescue community in Shreveport are happy to see him go.