The Department of Defense released two documents today, each presenting evidence that Iran is supplying terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE with weapons and weapon technology.

In the first statement, the DoD revealed that four Iranian “weapons systems” were recovered from battlefields “Across the Middle East,” said Laura Seal, a Defense Department Spokesperson. The weapons are currently housed in a hangar at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in the Southern end of Washington, D.C.

“In October, President [Donald J.] Trump announced a new strategy to address the totality of Iranian threats and malign activities: nuclear; ballistic missile development and proliferation; counter-maritime operations; cyber; and support to terrorism and unconventional warfare,” said Seal. “Part of the president’s strategy is to clearly show how Iran continues to defy the international community by violating United Nations resolutions.”

The DoD is presenting evidence of Iranian involvement to U.S. Allies and the U.N., hoping to prove that Iran has violated U.N. Security Council resolutions 2216 and 2231. The U.N. has put sanctions on Iran before in response to Iranian weapon proliferation, but most of those efforts were directed at quelling Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

The four systems that are being held at Anacostia-Bolling are a short-range ballistic missile, an anti-tank guided missile, an unmanned aerial vehicle and the bomb-boat known as “Shark 33”. “All four include parts made by [the] Iranian government-run defense industry, and all could have only come from Iran,” Seal said.

The exploding boat system sitting at Anacostia-Bolling is identical to the one used in the attack of a Saudi Arabian frigate HMS Al Madinah in January of 2017. Al Madinah was attacked by the Yemeni Houthi militia along the western coast of Yemen in the Red Sea. Two Saudi sailors were killed and three injured in the attack.

In the video, you can see a small boat approaching the flight deck at the stern of Al Madinah and explode upon impact. Shouts of “Allahu Akbar” can be heard from the observers.

Shark 33 bomb-boats contain guidance systems, including still photography systems, that make them deadly accurate.

After the attack, the U.S. Navy conducted raids and seized weapon-shipments that were onboard Iranian vessels headed for Yemen.