Shreveport, Louisiana, USA (July 22, 2016) – LA New Product Development Team (LA NPDT) is a Louisiana-based cross-functional organization that is known for helping inventors and entrepreneurs to develop a broad range of products, technologies, and web solutions. The company aims to identify, develop, and deliver results that benefit the overall economic development of Louisiana. Nowadays LA NPDT is working on a new project that deals with the development of a low-cost alternative to precious metals-based EMI shielding coatings. Their product, Grapheno, is based on graphene, which the team produces via a proprietary technology.

Grapheno is a compound of graphene and paint that functions as a conductive coating. Grapheno offers protection to sensitive electronics by absorbing unnecessary and harmful electromagnetic interferences (EMI). Electromagnetic interferences, whether man-made or natural, can cause damage to electronics, resulting in loss of data and interruption of the vital means of communication. The latest electronic products are protected by various methods, one of them being conductive coatings. The products that are currently used are expensive since they are based on precious metals like nickel, copper, and silver. On the other hand, Grapheno LLC provides a low-cost alternative by using graphene mass produced via a proprietary technology.

Recently, Grapheno has received a grant from the Innovation Enterprise Fund. Avery Lorenzato and Konstantin Dolgan, the co-founders of the company, said they intend to use the funds and all of their technical skills and knowledge to develop a multimillion dollar firm that deals with the manufacturing and commercial distribution of graphene-based products, including their EMI shielding coating. The Grapheno product was also showcased at this year’s I-20 Top Twenty Event that was held in April. The event took place in Ruston, LA and was attended by business professionals, investors, community leaders and various other innovators. The Grapheno team is currently participating in the Louisiana Startup Prize, an entrepreneurial competition held in Shreveport, LA.

Conductive EMI shielding coatings are currently used by various government entities and industrial companies such as telecommunications providers, electric power distributors, medical equipment manufacturers, and oil & gas firms. In 2013 these organizations consumed conductive coating products worth around $2B according to the study published by BCC Research in October 2014.
At the present moment, Grapheno is seeking partners, investors and early adopters for conducting full-scale product testing, obtaining permits and certificates as well as developing a Louisiana-based manufacturing facility.
For further information, visit or approach Grapheno using the following contacts.
Company: Grapheno, LLC

Address: 1303 Line Avenue, Suite 300, Shreveport, LA 71101, USA
Contact person: Dr. Konstantin Dolgan, Co-founder
Telephone: +1 318-243-5789