If you haven’t seen it yet, you either live under a rock or don’t have Facebook: A recent study shows that Shreveport’s citizens are some of the happiest people in the nation.  And this study isn’t some hidden-agenda load of fluff from the Tourism Bureau; this is straight from the no-agenda-whatsoever smart kids at Harvard.  Who’d a thunk!

While the Harvard folks’ careful study can show we’re happy, the question of “why” can’t be found in any of their learnin’ books. We have a few ideas, though.  Here they are:

1. We have really really good food here.

Source: 96.5 KVKI website

Let’s get the obvious argument with this one out of the way: We ALL know that South Louisiana consistently and rightfully has better cajun food options than us “Yankees” up here in North Louisiana. But c’mon, folks: when considering what the rest of the country’s cuisine consists of, deciding between North Louisiana and South Louisiana is like deciding between cake and ice cream. Yes, their food is better down south, and that’s probably why only other South Louisiana cities are some of the only ones happier than Shreveport, according to the study.


2. We’re all really, really, really, ridiculously good looking.
Every true Shreveporter will happily show you "Magnum".

Every true Shreveporter will happily show you “Magnum”.

The abundance of pound-packing, fried, greasy food…  The fact that most of us don’t exercise regularly… The almost ever-present humidity and heat caking up makeup and frizzing hair… All this and we’re still hot?  Life just isn’t fair to the rest of the world.  Congrats, Shreveport people, you hit the aesthetics lottery.  That not only makes us pretty people happy,  but it also makes the not-so good-looking Shreveporters happy because they get to hang out with us hot folks (You’re welcome, Keithville and Blanchard people. ZING!).  And really, isn’t being happy a big part of being attractive? So maybe the previously not-so-pretty people actually become attractive as they become happier around us decidedly happy/pretty people. That’s what’s called a “win-win”.


3. We know how to party.

Krewe of Centaur giving the hot people of Shreveport what they want.

This is an obvious reference to our Mardi Gras festivities.  You might say, though, “Hey, lots of places across the US have parades.  Even unhappy New York City has tons of parades.” Whoa, whoa, whoa…. WHOA! First off, let’s get one thing straight: unless something great is being thrown from the floats to the spectators below, parades suck.  The bead/trinket throwing addition to Mardi Gras is like adding cheese and bacon to an otherwise boring potato.  It is baffling that the rest of the nation has yet to figure this out.

4.  We are givers.

Source: nola.com

We understand that life is more than just eating great food, being attractive, and having a party.  There are those around us that have less to celebrate than we do.  Shreveporters recognize that, and our charitable donations per household are greater than 89% of all US cities, according to Philanthropy.com. This is quite a feat, especially considering that in most Shreveport households, money is tight. Still, we give, and this is something to be happy about.

If you’re looking for a place to donate time or money to the help people in our area? Visit www.thehubministry.com

5.  We understand community

Source: www.sbcr.us

Some people are born in Shreveport and grow up Shreveport.  Some people move to Shreveport and grow into Shreveport.  Some move away.  Some stay away.  Some come back.  But once you’re Shreveport, you’re always Shreveport.  Our neighbors are more than just neighbors, and when there’s a need, we come together like family.  With that type of support, it’s hard not to be happy.

We’re purposely leaving out some of Shreveport’s better qualities to give you something to talk about.  What do you think we should include among these 5?