In just one day, local volunteers will prepare 200,000 prepackaged meals to be used to feed the hungry in the Shreveport area over the next year.

Numana Inc. will host Meals On the Red on March 28, 2015, at the Supper Club at 610 Commerce St. in downtown Shreveport, and they need your help.  The non-profit is asking for 600 local volunteers to join them from 10 AM to 4PM that day.  Volunteers will help in shifts of two hours and can select open time slots on the Numana Meals on the Red volunteer page.

Numana is a non-profit organization that hosts food packaging events in various cities nationwide.  Numana relies on volunteers at those events to assist in packaging non-perishable meals in an assembly-line fashion, getting them ready to be shipped to needy children and families in Africa, Asia, and South America.   The process is incredibly efficient, with each meal costing only 30 cents to be packaged and shipped to the area of need. Since 2009, Numana has worked with over 170,000 volunteers in 17 states and provided over 30 million meals to Haita, Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Rwanda, Liberia, Philippines, South Africa, Colombia, and Kenya.

The focus will be the same for Meals on the Red; although, the benefactors will be much closer to home.

In Northwest Louisiana, 1 in 5 children – an estimated 25,010 – are considered food insecure, meaning the availability of food for these children is uncertain and they are at a higher risk of going hungry.  This is well above the national average and is a dire circumstance most children in America do not have to deal with and that most Shreveport residents aren’t even aware exists, sometimes just a few blocks away from their homes.  In light of this crisis, Numana pledges that all 200,000 meals packaged in Shreveport during the Meals on the Red event will go directly to the area’s needy.

For a volunteer event of this size to succeed, tremendous community support is crucial.  Stand with Numana to help the hungry of Shreveport-Bossier by volunteering at least two hours of your time on March 28, 2015.  Again, to reserve your time slot go to or the Meals on the Red volunteer page.  You may also donate to their goal of $60,000 for Meals on the Red here.