In a bizarre case, Shreveport Police have arrested a woman, 19 year old Shabarbara Joyce, after she allegedly spread false rumors that a woman she knew had HIV.

From Shreveport Police:

Series of false accusations lands local woman behind bars

A Shreveport woman was arrested after allegedly spreading false accusations suggesting a woman known to her was infected with an incurable disease.

Shabarbara Joyce, 19, has been charged with a single count of defamation, after she reportedly made several phone calls to the victim’s employer, alleging the victim was a current carrier of the HIV virus. In addition to multiple phone calls, it is alleged Joyce posted the false information on a popular social networking site.

An investigation into the matter was launched by Shreveport Police investigators, who were able to confirm the information communicated by Joyce was completely false. It is believed Joyce, following a disagreement between her and the victim, began spreading the false narrative. Further investigation led authorities to procure a warrant for the arrest of Joyce, who was arrested Thursday afternoon at Shreveport Police headquarters. Following interviews with detectives, Joyce was booked into the Shreveport City Jail. Bond in the matter has been set at $2,500.00.

Due to the fact that HIV has series implications, it was determined that the rumors could do significant damage to the victim, as well as create a false public health crisis. According to a 2015 CDC report, 1 out of every 56 people in Louisiana are at risk of contracting the virus, making it the 5th most likely state in country to become exposed.