According to Shreveport Police, Demarcus McDowell has been a busy man. Investigators believe McDowell is responsible for a string of four robberies that started back in April of 2017.

While detectives had been searching for clues into three other robberies, on November 9th, 2017, investigators responded to the Thrifty Liquor at 8420 Linwood Avenue in reference to an armed robbery. According to the victim, a masked man wearing a gray hoodie and red pants entered the store and jumped behind the counter. He demanded the cashier hand over the money and held a pistol to his head. The victim complied and McDowell escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash.

Once on the scene, detectives gathered evidence and interviewed the victim. A few days later while the evidence was being processed, the police received an anonymous tip from Caddo Crime Stoppers that the person responsible for the Thrifty Liquor robbery was Demarcus McDowell. Investigators were able to obtain a warrant as a result of the tip and began their hunt for McDowell.

The next day, another Crime Stoppers anonymous tip alerted investigators to McDowell’s whereabouts. They proceeded to the location and took McDowell into custody on December 7th just after 10:30 pm. McDowell was found at his residence which is in the 4300 block of Orla Avenue.

Once in custody, detectives were able to link McDowell to the November 9th robbery, as well as three others similar crimes which were: two robberies at the same Thrifty Liquor back on May 22, 2017 and November 28, 2017 and the April 28, 2017 armed robbery of the Family Dollar Store located at 280 West 84th Street. The Family Dollar Store is located a block away from the Thrifty Liquor on Linwood.

McDowell is now in the Shreveport City Jail facing four counts of Armed Robbery of a Business.